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Lexton Gebert

Lexton Gebert

Principal Probity and Procurement Consultant
LLB (Hons)
Gateway Reviewer
Lexton Gebert

Lexton is specialised at advising organisations on the strategic, commercial and probity aspects of their supply arrangements to create long term value.

Lexton drives value through effective sourcing solutions, strong commercial positioning and risk-based probity advice.

Lexton specialises in:

  • Creating end to end supply arrangement solutions
  • Leading negotiation processes that create cost savings and favourable terms for clients
  • Providing probity advice and conducting probity audits
  • Building organisation capability
  • Maximising value through effective contract management solutions

With over 20 years’ advisory experience, Lexton has provided solutions for whole of government panel arrangements, ICT software licensing, telecommunications, major services and large construction supply arrangements.

Lexton’s experience gives him specialist knowledge in project management, governance frameworks, risk management and high-value high-stakes supply arrangements.