ICT Engagement

At Landell, the ICT business line comprises three fundamental and complimentary capabilities:

ICT Procurement

We provide an end to end ICT procurement service, ranging from the production of the entire Request for Tender/Quote suite (including the development and management of specifications) to managing the evaluation process and negotiating the contract on behalf of the client.

Landell’s extensive procurement experience includes:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS);
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS);
  • Manages Services;
  • On premise software and equipment; and
  • Network and Data Centres.

ICT Projects / Programs

Project / Program Assurance

Landell has extensive experience in the management and conduct of Assurance exercises, (including. Gateway Reviews) writing brief, to-the-point reports for the project/program sponsor.

Project / Program Management

Landell has wide and varied experience in the management and delivery of ICT programs and projects. The scale of these projects range from small and simple bespoke projects for both private and public clients, to complex, Whole of Government programs of work involving multiple stakeholders and outcomes.

Our key difference is our constant focus on risk and issue management, coupled with our commitment to extensive liaison with client stakeholders.

ICT Advisory

Review / Report work

Short/sharp exercises where we review problem areas (business and/or technical) and write up a brief report detailing major findings and recommendations - often including:

  • Business process improvement;
  • Contract, MoU, Operating Agreement changes;
  • Governance, risk management, project management improvements etc.

Landell has frequently been engaged, particularly in the Public Sector, to review and address issues between agencies (often supplier/customer type relationships) and between business units within larger agencies, as well as within private sector organisations

Information / Cyber Security Advisory

Landell has a strong history in Cyber Security advisory, strengthened further with Jeff Warren recently joining forces with Landell. Jeff has extensive public sector experience including co-authoring the current Victorian Government cyber security strategy as well as providing key security advice to multiple departments and agencies.

Strategic / Data Management Advisory

Landell has provided strategic and tactical planning and advisory services – particularly in the area of Digital Transformation - to many significant public sector organisations, particularly in the Arts and Health sectors.