Landell Insurable Risk Management is an independent, global risk management consultancy with more than 40 years’ experience providing best practice insurable risk management and risk transfer solutions for medium and large Australasian organisations, federal, state and local governments.

With insurance premiums increasing, deductibles also increasing and cover reducing, especially in relation to financial and property insurance, how can your organisation be sure that it is receiving from its preferred broker the best value for money?

How do you know if your insurance program is efficient and effective if it has not been aligned to your ERM Risk Register and Risk Management Plan?

Landell’s unique Insurable Risk Profiling and Gap Analysis review will give your organisation the comfort and assurance of knowing that there are no unknown gaps in coverage. Most importantly, we will ensure that your organisation is benefiting from the best available covers at the most economical cost, from the broker of your choosing.

Landell is neither a broker nor an insurer and there is absolutely no need to change your incumbent broker to benefit from our unique services.

Our Clients have been able to make significant coverage improvements, as well as substantial annual cost savings, especially in relation to Directors and Officers, Professional Indemnity and Property Insurances, while retaining their incumbent broker.

We are able to do this by:

  • Identifying your core insurable risk exposures;
  • Ensuring that your insurance program effectively and efficiently transfers your core insurable risks;
  • Aligning your Program with your ERM Risk Register;
  • Benchmarking your premiums, indemnity levels, excesses and policy wordings to ensure your coverage is the broadest available and that there are neither gaps, nor overlapping or duplicated covers; and
  • leveraging market forces to your benefit.

Our services include:

  • The re-statement of your incumbent Broker’s capability using our conceptual benchmarking tender management to prevent ‘reserving’ blocking markets and to ensure that the application of the optimum amount of competitive tension results in the placement of the best coverages for the most economical cost, by the broker of your choice;
  • Benchmark review of covers including core policy wordings, indemnity levels/sums insured, excesses/deductibles; fees, commissions and services; and
  • Review of your Broker service level agreement to ensure that your preferred broker is your agent and not the agent of any insurers to your program.