Insurable Risk Management

Most Public Sector organisations understand and manage their enterprise–wide risks using the recognised industry standards such as ISO 31000:2018, but do not understand how to effectively and efficiently manage ’Insurable Risks’, usually delegating this process to an insurance intermediary, being an insurance broker, agent or direct insurer.

Landell is not an insurer, an insurance broker or an insurance agent and has no relationship with any insurers, risk financiers, brokers or agents.

Landell is an independent, insurable risk management strategist, providing Insurable Risk Profiling, Gap Analysis and expert Insurance /Risk Transfer tender management services for Public sector organisations across at all levels of government including local government and statutory authorities and other agencies

Our clients, on average, save 27% per annum on insurance and risk management costs, enjoy broader coverages and peace of mind that their insurable risks have been identified and they have appropriate insurance coverage at the right price.

Case Study

Simplified insurance arrangements with maximum return

Client: National Financial Public Company

Landell assisted the client to strategically identify efficiencies in its complex insurance portfolio. We reviewed the existing policies and led the end to end supply arrangement for the client’s insurance broker. This resulted in the consolidation of policies into a simple insurance portfolio with increased cover and annual cost savings of 20%.